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New Energy

invites you to seize a long-term business opportunity that will immediately brighten the future for corn growers.

You know that Freedom biomass refinery is committed to Mason City, Iowa. Committed to turning 360,000 bone dry tons of stover into cellulosic ethanol and clean lignin for decades to come. Now we’re asking area farmers to step up and commit to selling Freedom your clean stover as the feedstock. Find out how you can join New Energy Farmers and share the profits of a growing business. Call Joe Ahrens now at 641-903-4155. Or write

Farmer Compensation

There’s a commitment but no charge to become a member of New Energy Farmers LLC. When you join, you’ll be compensated in five different ways:


Cash payment for every bale of clean stover. So you’ll get a second income from the same crop. We’ll also pay a local aggregater to bale, store, and transport your stover.

Start Up Funding

We’ll fund the start-up of New Energy Farmers, including storage facilities, harvesting equipment, and transportation equipment.

Soil Analysis

We’ll provide soil analysis and compensation for removed soil nutrients if needed.

Profit Sharing

The business share profits with you, according to the units you will own, which accumulate over the years based on committed acreage of annual stover.

Early Bird Value

Farmers who commit first will benefit most. Your initial units will be worth more. The parent company intends to build future biomass refineries; as the business grows beyond Mason City, so will your wealth.